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CATMA - Campus Area Transportation Management Association

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      Never be stranded in an emergency... We'll get you home!


Our convenient FREE program is offered to employees at CATMA's member employers who use an alternate mode of transportation [carpool (riding with a family member is included), vanpool, bike, walk or take the bus] on a regular basis at least two days a week. 

Not having a car available for emergency trips home, is one of the drawbacks for people who are considering alternate forms of commuting. To alleviate this worry, CATMA provides an Emergency Ride Home FREE of charge to anyone associated with its membership who regularly uses an alternate commute mode. We'll issue you your personal CATMA Commute Smart Card once you register.

Please allow one week for your welcome packet to arrive.

If an emergency arises on a day that you used an alternate commute mode, you simply call the taxi company listed on the back of your Card and identify yourself as a CATMA Emergency Ride Home participant. When the cab arrives, show the driver your valid Commute Smart Card. At the end of your ride, sign the voucher the driver presents. The Emergency Ride Home program will pay up to $60 of the fare (approximately 40 miles). You are responsible for any additional charges, including the tip.

  CATMA is pleased to partner with GREEN Cab in providing sustainable transportation options! 

Valid emergencies include:

• An immediate family member has an emergency and you are unable to wait for your normal ride home

• A serious problem occurs at your child's school or daycare center (a stop at a school or day care to pick up an ill child is covered)

• You get sick at work and can't wait for your normal ride home

• You have to work mandatory, unscheduled overtime

• Your carpool driver has to leave work early because of an emergency, sickness, or must work unscheduled overtime and you have no other way to get home

• You miss the last bus

• You are a biker or walker that cannot commute home because of inclement weather

• You have a breakdown of your bicycle

    This Program Does Not Cover the Following Situations:

    • Personal errands

    • Pre-planned medical appointments

    • Business-related travel

    • Anticipated overtime or working overtime without a supervisor's request

    • Non-Emergency side trips on the way home

      This card CAN NOT be used more than twice a month, or eight times a year, without contacting the CATMA office.

      Need additional information? Call the CATMA RidesWork office at 656-RIDE (656-7433).

      CATMA Commute Smart Cards expire at end of June 2014.  All registered members will receive their renewals by end-June. Employees who register after May 1, 2013 will receive Commute Smart Cards with a June 2015 expiration date.
      This Card is required to use our Emergency Ride Home program.