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CATMA - Campus Area Transportation Management Association

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Do I Qualify?   

All employees, faculty and staff at CATMA member employers who receive salary and eligible for employer-paid benefits can register to participate in our Bike/Walk Reward Program. This includes: CCRPC, Champlain College, City of Burlington , Fletcher Allen and the University of Vermont.

How Does the Program Work?  

The program rewards you for walking and/or bicycling to and from work at least three days each week for two 4-week periods. The weeks within each 4-week block MUST be consecutive. The first week of your second 4-week block, however, doesn't have to directly follow the last week of the first 4-week block. If you are out of work for three or more days in one week due to vacation, illness or off-site training and conferences, or inclement weather then you must note the reason on the "week(s) out" line on the Bike/Walk Reward Card. You still need to complete a total of 8 weeks of biking and/or walking however, under the above circumstances, your weeks do not have to be consecutive.

You must register with CATMA to receive the rewards of the program. Once registered, we'll send you a welcome packet to include a Bike/Walk Card on which you'll record your bike/walk dates. When you have completed the two four-week blocks, return the card to the CATMA office to redeem your reward.




Click here to print a Bike/Walk Reward Card


Where do I turn in my completed Bike-Walk card?

Please mail CATMA your completed Bike/Walk Reward card within two weeks of completion. FAHC and UVM employees may use intercampus mail; addressed to CATMA, 20 West Canal Street Ste C9, Winooski.  Note, you can also bring your card to the CATMA office, but call first to make sure we are here.

All requested information on the Bike/Walk Reward Card, including your signature, MUST be filled out completely for your card to be processed.


Keep in mind, if you're biking or walking to work but need transportation during the day/ evening to get to an appointment when/where bus service isn't available, the CarShare Vermont program is a complimenting service.  Click here to find out more about carsharing (which is different than carpooling).

What are the Rewards I can choose from?  

Every time you complete two 4-week blocks simply check off on your card which reward you would like to receive. Each reward is valued at $15.00.  Your reward choices are:

        citymarket    skirack_gift_card   merrill-webpage-logo   

Champlain College Affiliates -- check out this map of bike racks on campus!

Emergency Ride Home (ERH)
When you register in our Bike/Walk Reward program, you will automatically be enrolled in our convenient Emergency Ride Home Program and will receive your personal Commute Smart Card in your welcome packet. The ERH Program guarantees you a FREE taxi cab ride home in an emergency - including a breakdown of your bike on any day you bike/walk to work! You can use this free ride, which covers up to $60/ride, up to 2x/month or a total of 8 times in a twelve month period. Your Commute Smart Card includes program guidelines, and further info can be found here.

Restaurant Gift Cards
Everyone registered in the Bike/Walk Program, along with those registered using other alternate commute modes, is automatically entered into our monthly drawings for gift cards to local restaurants. Winners receive a $15.00 gift certificate to a local restaurant. Winners are posted regularly on our website!

Resturants Included in the drawings are: 

  vpblogo        pclogo            flatbread2

Bicycle Benefits Stickers
Available for sale at the CATMA office, LocalMotion and participating businesses. Cost is $5. A progressive bicycling program designed to reward individuals for their commitment to cleaner air, personal health, and the use of pedaling energy in order to create a more sustainable community. Purchase a sticker, adhere it to your bike helmet, and receive a variety of discounts at local businesses. Click here for more info on Bicycle Benefits

Area Bike and Walking Maps
CATMA is pleased to partner with the Burlington Walk Bike Council and several transportation partners in providing this map. The map covers Burlington, South Burlington, and parts of Colchester and Winooski. The map is designed to assist bicyclists and pedestrians to navigate the safest, most comfortable route to their destinations. It includes information on mass transit, recreational areas, environmental sites and general points of interest.

BlueCross BlueShield of Vermont has produced a Burlington Walks map, which contains over a dozen different walks with a brief description of each walk's route and historical and natural points of interest.

Contact CATMA if you'd like a copy of these maps.

Need Help Finding a Bike or Pedestrian Trail, go to

Shower and Locker Info/Location
Fletcher Allen employees, contact Security at 847-2812.