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CATMA - Campus Area Transportation Management Association

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Through CATMA, the founding Hill institutions jointly plan, manage and share transportation and parking resources. Additionally, CATMA represents all the institutions, holds an Unlimited Access contract with CCTA available to employees, faculty, staff and students of CATMA member employers who can ride any CCTA local or Link route for FREE simply by swiping their ID.  Currently, both Champlain College and the University of Vermont participate in the Unlimited Access program.

To mitigate traffic impacts on campuses and city streets, a comprehensive strategy of transportation system management (TSM) measures has been developed that includes:

• peak hour traffic control measures
• shuttle systems serving shared satellite and off-site parking facilities and intracampus travel.

    Currently, the shuttles serve over 2 million riders each year with a combined fleet of 21 vehicles. This system operates within the core area of the institutions and lessens traffic on adjacent streets. The intracampus routes interface with the regional CCTA bus system at key locations throughout the core.

    In addition, significant incentives are offered as transportation demand management (TDM) options. These options include:

    •  carpool/vanpool incentives
    •  staggered work and class scheduling
    •  a joint, confidential carpool matching program (RidesWork)
    •  mass transit subsidies and an Unlimited Access Program
    •  incentives to park at off-site locations
    •  pedestrian walkways and bikeway system
    •  flex time policies
    •  an emergency ride home program
    •  bike/walk incentives program
    •  telecommuting
    •  monthly drawings to local restaurants for all registered alternate commuters

      CATMA has successfully instituted TSM and award winning TDM programs and has become a model for TMA programs throughout the region.